Riverbank Dentist Crown and Bridge

Riverbank Smiles Dental is a comprehensive dental practice located in Riverbank and serving the greater Modesto metropolitan area. Dr. Gurjot Sidhu and the staff at our dental practice provide high quality cosmetic dental services including the placement of crowns and bridges for patients with missing, damaged, weakened or discolored teeth.

Crowns and bridges are fixed prosthetic devices that are cemented onto existing, adjacent teeth or dental implants to repair and strengthen damaged teeth or to replace a missing tooth or missing teeth. A crown is used to entirely cover or “cap” a tooth that is damaged. Placing a crown over a damaged tooth will strengthen the tooth and will also improve its appearance, shape or alignment. A crown may be used to replace a large filling where there isn’t enough tooth remaining, to protect a weak tooth from fracturing, to restore a fractured tooth, to cover a dental implant, to cover a discolored or poorly shaped tooth or to cover a tooth that has had a root canal. Crowns are available in a variety of materials and may be made of porcelain or ceramic to match the color of natural teeth.

What Are Dental Crowns?

A dental crown (also known as a cap) is placed over a tooth when a conservative restoration is insufficient to restore form and function. The crown, when cemented into place fully encases the entire visible portion of a tooth that lies at and above the gum line. Crowns are often necessary because of broken down old fillings, fractured or chipped teeth and following root therapy. They can also be used to improve the appearance of natural teeth that are malformed, mis-positioned or discolored.

How will you benefit from dental crowns?

Dental crowns offer both restorative and cosmetic benefits:

  • They protect a weak tooth from decay
  • Hold together parts of a cracked tooth
  • Strengthen and protect the remaining tooth structure
  • Restore a broken tooth or one that is worn down
  • Cover and support a tooth with a large filling when there isn't a lot of tooth left
  • Hold a dental bridge in place
  • Cover misshapen or discolored teeth or a dental implant
  • Make a cosmetic modification

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